Saturday, August 1, 2009


I've been feeling rather dry lately, but I'd just like to say:

Science is nothing more than intellectual satisfaction to me. It represents not the truth, neither is it any philosophy; it is simply a set of tools, principles and logic obtained from empirical evidence that appeals to the human mind in such a way that I am excited by it.

That being said, truth is not discovered, but revealed only to those who seek it. :)

So continue to seek Him YYK. :)


quirK said...

Yea, and it is a great blessing indeed to be able to spend time on intellectual pursuits rather than use all that time worrying and hunting for the next meal.

Recently I've been amazed that I can comprehend journal papers. Usually found them drier and more unsatisfying than desert sand.

yyknosekai said...

Just only one thing to say to you: JIAYOU!