Saturday, August 15, 2009

Don't Point So Much!

I'm undertaking this module on group theory, and I noticed something that I never really thought about because I just took things for granted. Now, given that:

And given that the first two results are definitely correct, what can one say about the third?

And well well, here are two molecules where students usually assign the wrong point group to:

If you'd like to try, then don't play cheat and figure it out from scratch! :)


Because I am the lazy person that I am (I'm too tired, :p), the answers are as follows without explanation or elaboration:


boonleong said...

S_5^5 cheat one. Booo.

I suppose the propadiene's point group is C_2 x C_2 and the difluoronapthalene's is C_2?

quirK said...

The nC2 axes for the allene are devilish!

quirK said...

And I thought the octahedral complexes with bidentate ligands were bad enough. This allene is supposedly the "simplest" case, hmm?