Saturday, February 9, 2008

Entropical Catharsis

If you haven't noticed, I'm sticking to a very wise mantra by posting short tidbits these few days:

"A man of few words... is a wise man!"

Very true indeed - I often find myself the butt of all jokes whenever I open my mouth too many times.

In any case, I was reading an excerpt from a Statistical Mechanics book when it occurred to me just how much I've changed in the past four or five years:

*Back then in Physics Olympiad training tutorials with Mr Daniel Khor*

YYK: ".... alright, remember this Yong Kiat, entropy change is good if it's positive! Because that's the correct answer, can get you marks!"

*Now after 4,5 years...*

YYK: "Oh man, entropy goes up again. We're screwed. This sucks. We're all going to die."

Haha, heat death of the Universe never did sound appealling to me, just that I was always too caught up in getting the right answer.

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